About Us


101Log's mission is to be THE place on the Web where people log their data, browse data entered by others, discuss it and analyse it.

What is 101Log?

101Log is a place where people track various data ranging from personal weight to corporate statistics or president elections progress. We have a tour feature that allows you to get a taste of 101log if you are still not sure if you want to register for an account or not.

Why 101Log?

We built 101Log because we wanted an easy to use social web site that is related to your personal statistics, where you are in full control which data gets shared and with who.
There is a number of web sites out there that allow you to track your financial, health, sport achievements, child growth, etc, but none of them offer a single place to log and view all that great data. The unique 101 Log gives you the power of log in once and log as many things as you want.